SILVER SHOES sequel artwork revealed!

At last! I am very pleased and proud to unveil the artwork for the long-awaited (at least by me!) sequel to “Silver Shoes,” entitled “The Powder of Life.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the Powder of Life, it was originally introduced in L. Frank Baum’s own sequel to “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” entitled “The Marvelous Land of Oz.” It’s a magic substance that can bring inanimate objects … anything at all … to life.

As with the first cover, this image depicts a specific scene from the story, which picks up just two weeks after the events in “Silver Shoes.” Donald Gardner and his friends Jon and Chris are involved. So are his parents Ellie and Bill, George Clarke, Owen Zeller, the mysterious “sorcerer” in the woods, and many other characters—some very familiar and some new. There are more twists and turns, more adventures, more surprises, more Oz, more Baum, and more pages to turn to find out what happens next!

The image below is the 12×18 version of the poster which will also be used for the cover (hard cover dust jacket, trade paperback, and ebook).

Publishing is forthcoming with an estimated release in all formats of “Summer 2012!”

12x18 poster art for "The Powder of Life."

12×18 poster art for “The Powder of Life.”




SILVER SHOES sequel artwork revealed! — 3 Comments

  1. Just looking at it gets me all excited. I’m so glad I downloaded a copy onto my Kindle – I want to re-read it before reading the new one. After all, 5 times isn’t too much, is it? Of course I’m still waiting to get the first one autographed, but the author hasn’t made it to the DC area yet.

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