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Silver Shoes -
The Official Blog

“Silver Shoes” is Paul Miles Schneider's first novel, and it was selected as a 2010 Kansas Notable Book by the Kansas Center for the Book and the State Library of Kansas. Its sequel, “The Powder of Life,” was released in 2012, and a combined edition of both novels was published in 2013 as “The Complete, Incomplete Adventures of Donald Gardner and the Silver Shoes.”

In this blog, Paul will endeavor to describe his journey from imagination to publication.

The Andrea King Message Board

The Andrea King
Message Board

At first glance, it’s easy to see why she was one of the most beautiful and intriguing actresses ever to grace the screen. Andrea King has delighted generations of fans with her range and talent since the mid-1940s, when she catapulted to stardom in less than a year at Warner Bros. alongside some of the true heavyweights of the industry.

The proof is in her work … and the work is preserved for all time on film, television, and in home video releases.