The Beast

The Beast

Music, lyrics, and arrangement by Paul Miles Schneider. © 1994.
For Andrea King, in honor of her 75th birthday.

Something creeps across the wall,
Lurking just behind.
Is it real? No, look again.
It’s only in your mind.

Ever closer, ever near,
Keeping out of sight.
Guaranteed to blow your mind
If you give in tonight.

It’s the beast with five fingers,
Pity if your paths should meet.
Leaving marks with five fingers,
Bent on proving that revenge is sweet.

Listen to your heart beat fast
Underneath your breath.
Keep your eyes wide open now,
Or you might catch your death.

Suddenly, you hear a sound
Echo in the night.
Carefully, you turn around
And face the awful fright.

It’s the beast with five fingers,
Striking fast, then moving on.
Taking lives with five fingers,
Never resting ’til your dead and gone.

Shadows stretch across the floor,
Fear is closing in.
Is it reaching for your throat,
Or underneath your skin?

Tragically, you claw the air,
Fighting for your life.
Feel the blood run through you
As it cuts you like a knife.

It’s the beast with five fingers,
Hear the music spinning ’round.
Still the smell of death lingers.
Run away, or one day you’ll be found.